A good quality leather piece will last a lifetime. Bags, boots, jackets, or wallets look stunning when crafted with animal skin and are tough as nails, too.

While leather is tough, we must keep in mind that it is still only skin - without proper care, it can dry, crack, stain and warp over time. Depending on the type of leather, your piece will show varying levels of resistance and strengths against sunlight, stains, scratches, etc. - let's take a closer look at African Leather's genuine leather types.

When buying leather, the number of factors involved in making sure you're purchasing a quality product can be overwhelming. These include the leather types, thickness, weights, grades, cuts, and much more. If you want to find your perfect leather, knowledge of these factors is precious. 

So before you jump into your next project, let's help you find an exceptional piece of leather.

I have been using African Leather and Skins for many years now and they have become my go-to supplier amongst several suppliers I have used.  The reason being, they have given me outstanding service, accommodated my growing business, and as I do mainly client based bespoke works, I may require only 1 hide at a time or several, their efficiency is amazing and I have never had any issues with the quality of their hides.

People have become blasé to the dated use of leather in these spaces. The residential use of leather adds personality to any home, here are a few examples of the unique use of leather to spice up your interiors. 

During the Covid crisis, the sentiment that we are all in this together has never seemed more pertinent. But we are optimistic and believe precedent has shown the leather industry will emerge unscathed.

We now have 2 NEW colour Naku leathers available in our range!

Genuine Leathers – Old time favourite

The arrival of our selection of natural new veg tanned leather range giving you inspiration for this winter! Vegetable tanning is a natural process, which makes it eco-friendly

Bring colour and warmth into your home with these stunning Cow Skins

Veg Tan Belt Strips. Available in Natural or Dyed

Check out our leather working tools.

Great News! 

We are very pleased to announce that African Leather & Skins received a permit which provides us the right to provide leather for the manufacturing of essential goods.

We at African Leather & Skins would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to Enja Properties & RSV Properties

We would like to update our clients that African Leather will be trading as normal with extra caution.

To meet our diverse and demanding lifestyles, fashion and interior design have evolved throughout the ages. While trends have come and gone, some things have remained timeless. Today, more than ever, leather is everywhere—and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. Whether you’re a fashionista or interior designer looking to innovate, change, complement or complete—here are 3 standout leather trends to expect in 2020.

Supporting Leather Means Supporting a Healthier Environment. Here’s Why!

Leather has made a comeback onto the runways of Paris, London and New York. A fabric born of beauty that creates a scene of sophistication that’s almost impossible to compete with, leather is a fabric long used by humans to fashion clothes and craft accessories and furniture. But the use of animal skin is an ethical dilemma that many people question.

Francois, is an exceptional employee of African Leather and Skins.

Loyal, Hardworker, Trustworthy

Always giving his best. Always on time at work

He is our store manager and he is the key between the customer and the factory. All the orders (incoming and outgoing) and telephone calls is his responsibility as well as the delegation of work/orders to the employees in the factory. He is also in charge of the logistics and for all “walk in” clients.

Passing our Centurion branch sometime? Look out for our new and improved signage.

Yes, we have upgraded our marketing material and we know we are a bit bias but come on? It is absolutely stunning! Fresh, clean and focused on what we love to do – provide our customers with the best product at the best prices in Africa.