Monday, 01 October 2018 06:08

African Leather Featured in Bella Magazine

What is knowledge if it can’t be shared? What an honour it was to be featured in the March issue of BELLA magazine

Ian Otto, the owner of African Leather & Skins shared his knowledge and 16 years of experience freely with the youthful female readers of this cheerful magazine.

The theme of the issue was Italian Bliss and we learned just how African-leather does not have to take a back seat when it comes to European-leathers. The typical difference is local leather is more rugged and natural-looking. This is due to the animals roaming freely in the fields where they are prone to getting scars, bites and scrapes. This characteristic is what makes the leather so popular in South Africa – we just love the natural look & feel of it!

Talking about popularity!

Ian said that even though trendsetting clients prefer bright colours, the general public still favours traditional browns and it is still the best-selling colour range.

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