Tuesday, 10 November 2020 10:25


I have been using African Leather and Skins for many years now and they have become my go-to supplier amongst several suppliers I have used.  The reason being, they have given me outstanding service, accommodated my growing business, and as I do mainly client based bespoke works, I may require only 1 hide at a time or several, their efficiency is amazing and I have never had any issues with the quality of their hides.

African Leather and Skins makes it incredibly easy for anyone looking for a good leather supplier to use their services, on my initial contacting them, within a day received sample swatches of their entire range (free of charge) and they keep me up to date of any new additions or sales they may have.  They also have a huge range to choose from and the expertise to assist with correct choices when I have been uncertain about a project.

My demands on a supplier are that I never need to leave my business and workshop, I simply WhatsApp or email my liaison, within minutes I receive an invoice, pay and the next day I get my delivery.

African Leather and skins are certainly a one-stop-shop whether you are a starting leathersmith, small business, or well established!

I highly recommend them and give them a 5-star rating (6 stars if that was a thing) for:

  • ·Product quality
  • ·Product Price
  • ·Service excellence
  • ·Service efficiency
  • ·Knowledge base