Monday, 08 October 2018 15:43

Geniune cork pioneer – Begin with the End in Mind

Jayson Beck, owner of Begin with the End in Mind, showed off his Koda chair at Pretoria HOMEMAKERS Expo with our gringo geniune cork.

BWTEIM showroom is in the hub of Kramerville and is the ultimate fusion of custom-made African furniture with a strong Indonesian influence! Tropical prints, banana leave patterns and exotic birds peaking from fabrics are perfectly combined with washed woods, and yes, now geniune cork too!

The geniune cork was the perfect contribution to his range with its natural-feel, woody-look and extraordinary uniqueness. Jayson said that the Koda chair was an absolute ‘showstopper’ and he had a lot of clients in awe of this beautiful new product and its application. Jayson said that it was such an unseen material that surprised the crowd and changed the way they looked at cork forever.

Thank you so much for taking our geniune cork to your stand! We love working with you and your team!

custom cork leather furniture

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