Tuesday, 21 August 2018 19:35

Meet the team leader of African Leather & Skins Gauteng

Our team leader, leather expert and face of African Leather & Skins Gauteng is no stranger to the leather industry as Ansa Nel has been part of the growing team since 2006.

Building the brand, assisting our clients, developing new products, procuring high quality game skin and helping our clients expanding their businesses.

Get to know Ansa a little bit more, we asked her to answer a few questions for us:

  1. What do you like most about the leather industry?

Procurement! I love sourcing high quality game skins for our clients. The sense of excitement I experience from seeing one-of-a-kind pieces everyday and knowing that you might never see it again makes it a special occurrence to me.  Seeing our clients growing and expanding makes me extremely happy!

  1. What is your favourite colour leather?

I can’t choose between pista pecan and curry. They are equally beautiful leathers with real character.

  1. The most interesting item a client has made out of our leather?

An elaborate sleeping bag with our leather, sheepskins and lined fabric.

  1. Do you see any new trends in the leader industry that excites you?

Cork is becoming such a wonderful material to make accessories out off; my favourite is the cork shoes. Our clients are more aware of the environment, their footprint and it is such an honour to also have an eco-friendly material available.

  1. What do you like most about working for African Leather & Skins?

Walking into the smell of genuine leather, smiling faces of my colleagues and happy clients daily.

  1. What are your plans for African Leather?

We are expanding our depot in September, the same premises but just bigger! We will be able to carry more stock, introduce new products to our clients and as always grow better than expected.

African Leather & Skins are thrilled to have Ansa as our lady boss and thank her for her amazing work and ongoing service.


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