Laerskool Lochnerhof netbalspanne het die skool by verskeie feeste en toernooie gedurende die Maartvakansie verteenwoordig.


Ek word wakker vanoggend met baie negatiwiteit wat heers in die nuus, radio, ens oor die huidige betogings wat plaasvind. Ons almal se besighede word negatief beinvloed hierdeur en asof die ekonomie nie reeds swaar genoeg trek nie. As ek dan verder dink oor al die positiewe dinge wat hier by African Leather en veral in die leerbedryf aan die gebeur is kry ek sommer nuwe krag vir die dag!


 Meet the latest addition to our Centurion team.

It is with a heavy heart that we had to greet our admin guru, Melissa, who has migrated from the high field to the low field in exchange for a more tranquil and greener life.


 What does leather & a table cloth have in common?

Not much! But we are so in love with this beautiful styled shoot. A few creatives came together to create an avant-garde table setting and guess who made it to the party? Our stunning, silky-sheen Shiduli grey hide.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun!"- Albert Einstein

This is exactly what the creatives behind Likha Designs do daily and it reflects in the work they produce! Beana and Stephanie are the ultimate powerhouse, combining their passion, design skills and production to make incredible cork products.

We couldn’t be prouder of one of our newest African Leather & skins clients, Hartlam Textiles & Prints.

Jayson Beck, owner of Begin with the End in Mind, showed off his Koda chair at Pretoria HOMEMAKERS Expo with our gringo geniune cork.

We are constantly looking for thoughtful, special gifts for our loved ones. It can be a tedious process to find that perfect gift.  We want something unique and one-of-a-kind.

What is knowledge if it can’t be shared? What an honour it was to be featured in the March issue of BELLA magazine

It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that our Centurion branch will be increased to double its size! And with extended space comes higher stock levels.

Our team leader, leather expert and face of African Leather & Skins Gauteng is no stranger to the leather industry as Ansa Nel has been part of the growing team since 2006.

In the heart of the renowned interior hub, Kramerville, lays the extraordinary and bespoke boutique furniture showroom, called JVB Furniture Collection.

Leather is a highly desirable furniture upholstery material, priced for its durability and comfort.  The ultimate symbol of natural beauty and ultimate luxury.

Cork is getting increasingly more attention and for very good reasons. The versatility of the product is just short of endless. Cork is a natural product harvested from the bark of the cork tree.

Investing in quality living room furniture, that will last for years to come, can tally up to quite an expensive outing.