Responsible Practice - Animal Management Pledge

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At AFRICAN LEATHER, we are proud to declare:

  • All leather we supply is obtained legally, and no animal has been hunted only for its skin.
  • We do not condone or knowingly participate in the commercialisation of wildlife products where prohibited by law.
  • All of our game products originates from sanctioned culls. Culling is especially necessary to protect herd lands from the devastating effects of overpopulation, and is therefore a positive, productive process. Responsible operators specifically use the proceeds of culling to develop waterholes and other infrastructure, in order to contribute to and ensure the survival and growth of African herds. By maximising the return to the farmer, better control is then afforded which maintains and even improves the value of animals and strengthens each species' long-term survival prospects. Culling is therefore an essential conservation action - it helps to continue the natural cycle of life.

Purchase regulations

  • AFRICAN LEATHER is fully licensed and certified to export animal skins to the United States of America, and does not buy, trade, or sell any illegal or endangered animal skin, and also no zebra skin or rug that is not expressly categorized as "Legal For Trade".
  • By placing your order and accepting delivery, you confirm that as buyer you have checked with proper authorities concerning the legality of the purchase, possession, or sale of the wildlife product(s).
  • AFRICAN LEATHER accepts no liability for any buyer's purchase, possession, or sale of any wildlife product(s) prohibited in the buyer's state, province, or country. Furthermore, by placing an order and accepting delivery, the buyer agrees to pay any and all legal fees and fines incurred by AFRICAN LEATHER arising from said wildlife artefact transfer of ownership.
  • Please be aware of the law. Offer for sale void where prohibited by law.


African Leather offers leathers in a variety of colours. The natural, authentic character of every skin is unique, and therefore our colour samples only aim to provide an indication and are not absolute. Unfortunately we cannot replace or refund any material after it has been cut. We do not have control over all processes involved in the manufacturing of the upholstery leathers, but always strive towards delivering a product that is as close as possible to its natural state.

Environmental Policy as stipulated by our tanner:

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Permit Cape Nature Conservation (PDF)

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