The Kudu and Oryx (Gemsbok) are both strikingly elegant and massive antelope types, and are of course also typically Southern African. Both Antelope types have spectacular horns: The Kudu is renowned for its long, spiral horns, while the oryx is renowned for its long, straight and slender horns (therefore its nickname "spear antelope").

Both the Kudu and the Oryx skins are very popular for upholstery purposes, although very exclusive and difficult to find. Expect a unique African and robust look with natural scratches, scars and marks from both skins, due to the rustic bush habitat of these Antelope types.


Kudu's are great kickers and are capable of breaking a Wild Dog's or a Jackal's neck or back, while they are also able to jump over a 5 foot fence from a standing start. The Oryx is adapted to live in hot, dry areas where most animals cannot, while they are able to withstand temperatures ranging up to 45 degrees Celsius.

Please note: Although both skins are very exclusive, Oryx skins are more easily available than kudu skins.