Leather is usually found in consumer goods such as shoes, handbags and wallets. However, this timeless material is now also used in interior décor. Leather is conventionally found in spaces like offices, hotels and restaurants, enhancing the ambiance and radiating exclusivity due to the luxurious nature of the material.

Look at these interior leather pieces:

Leather-mounted shelves

These unconventional shelves are an eye-catcher and won’t burn a hole in your pockets. This simple design creates a stunning minimalistic look using only one strip of leather on either side of a wooden base. One of the strengths of leather in designing is the wide variety of colours it’s available in, making all these designs highly customisable.

Leather accent chair

The accent chair makes a refreshing change, clothed entirely with leather. The use of leather pillows resting on a wooden frame provides a hand-made feel. Furthermore, the pale accent of the wood softens the dark leather cushions, leading to a cosy and comfortable look.

Leather ottoman

An ottoman is a perfect accessory to complement any chair. This design deviates from the traditional leather ottoman design, using a visible metal framework. The soft leather top counteracting the brutalist nature of the cold steel framework works together fantastically.

White-leather barstools

These barstools showcase the diversity of leather, using a pure white variant. The white stool with golden legs doubles down on the “luxurious” look. The slightly indented backrest references classic leather chair designs.

Wall-mounted book holder

This minimalistic piece of décor consists only of a single strip of leather mounted to the wall with a tiny nail. This piece can be the perfect addition to any room, allowing you to show off any nice-looking books or magazines you own.

Nothing says luxury more than leather. Installing leather accented cabinets, for example, creates a unique style in any room. In addition, the soft and natural texture creates a feeling of comfort and warmth not typically found in most interior décor.

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