Zebra Skin

We are proud to confirm that we select every Zebra skin we offer very carefully for its colour, size and grade (the number of flaws or imperfections on the Zebra skin determines its grade). We can provide you with various grades of Zebra skins.

Did you know?

For the Burchell’s Zebra (African Zebra), the only guarantee to survival is outrunning or escaping their predators. Consequently, many zebras have scars from encounters with their enemies. You can therefore expect certain marks when buying a zebra skin.

The Burchell’s Zebra is not endangered and it is legal to sell or own a zebra skin. When purchasing a high-quality zebra skin from us, you can be assured that we will assist you in obtaining the proper permits and meeting the requirements for legal exporting.

Furthermore, we subscribe to the regulations of the South African government regarding the culling of Burchell’s Zebras.

Please contact our offices to arrange a viewing or send pictures of our skins we have available.

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