At African Leather and Skins, we proudly offer our clients top-quality animal skins and upholstery leather that are entirely natural and ethically sourced. There is a lot of buzz about ethically sourced leather as people become more conscious of their impact on the world. Here we explore what ethically sourced leather is and explain our sourcing and tanning processes.

What is ethical sourcing?

Ethical sourcing is the process by which materials procured by a business are obtained in a sustainable and responsible way.

The leather-sourcing process

In our leather sourcing process, all our leather is obtained legally, and no animal is killed solely for its skin. Instead, all our game products originate from sanctioned culls. Culling is necessary to protect herd lands from the devasting effects of overpopulation and is, therefore, a productive process.

Responsible operators use the proceeds of culling to develop waterholes and other infrastructure to contribute to and ensure the survival and growth of African herds. Better control is afforded by maximising the return to the farmer, which maintains and even improves the value of animals and strengthens each species’ long-term survival prospects. Culling is a necessary conservation action as it helps to continue the natural cycle of life.


We use three well-established, local tanneries to ensure high-quality skins and leather. These tanneries don’t overly use harsh artificial chemicals that are toxic and harmful to the planet, the employees who tan the leather, and ultimately the customer wearing the leather products.

Our promise to you

As leather and animal skin suppliers, we are proud to declare that all our leather is legally obtained, and no animal has been hunted only for its skin.

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