Few materials have been around for as long and widely used as genuine leather because of its durability and versatility. As 2023 gets underway, we asked our Marketing Manager Linda Otto to highlight trends worth watching in the coming year.

“Leather remains the material of choice for commercial and residential furniture, the fashion industry, and automotive, aviation and marine applications,” she says. “Customers require more sustainable leathers but still want that luxurious feel and strength. At African Leather & Skins, we are super excited about the innovative trends we think will continue to emerge this year.”

Here are some trends to keep an eye on for this year:

Vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable tanned leathers are replacing harmful chrome-tanned skins, finished with natural tannins like bark trees in the tanning process. What makes vegetable tanning so unique is that it can be used to make thicker leather, resulting in more body and character and that splendid classic leather smell. In addition, the naturally vibrant dyes will create the next wave of eco-friendly and eye-catching leather looks.

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Regenerative leather

Leather is already sustainable because it is made from a by-product from the meat and dairy industry that would otherwise go to waste. But regenerative leather goes beyond sustainability. It’s all about renewing and restoring. It goes deep into the soil, helping nature thrive and giving back to the planet more than it takes out. Animals play a central role in restoring soil diversity by helping to fertilise the soil as part of a natural cycle.

Pull up finish

Pull-up leather is aniline dyed in the drum to create deep, vibrant colours. It is finished with transparent waxes and oils, giving the leather a soft hand or feel. When this leather is stretched or pulled, the colour migrates and becomes lighter in the pulled areas (the name “pull-up” refers to this change in colour). More consumers embrace second-hand clothing and furniture with a ‘worn out’ effect, and this distressed look of leather has a beautiful finish.

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