At African Leather and Skins, we are a proud South African supplier of top-quality animal skins and upholstery leather. In addition to our popular cow skins, we are proud to offer a variety of zebra and springbok skins. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique characteristics of three iconic African animals – the cow, springbok, and zebra – whose skins we ethically source and sell to our clients as stunning, sustainable leather products.

Cow skins

Cow skins, with their hair intact, represent the epitome of natural beauty. At African Leather, we celebrate the distinctiveness of cow skins, offering a range that includes both natural patterns and stencil-printed designs. Each cow skin tells a story through its unique markings, making it a one-of-a-kind piece. The natural state of cow skins captures the essence of the animal, creating a connection between the wild and the refined elegance of our leather products.

Springbok skins

Known for their breathtaking leaps and acrobatic displays, springboks bring a sense of grace and athleticism to the African savannah. “Pronking” or “stotting” showcases their agility, with leaps of up to four meters into the air and horizontal distances of up to 15 meters. At African Leather, we source springbok skins during the regulated winter culling season, ensuring ethical practices and the highest standards of professionalism in handling these magnificent creatures.

Zebra skins

Burchell’s zebras bear scars from predator encounters, showcasing their survival prowess. We understand and appreciate the marks on zebra skins, recognising them as a testament to the animal’s ability to outrun or escape potential threats. It’s important to note that Burchell’s zebras are not endangered, and our commitment to ethical practices aligns with the regulations set by the South African government regarding their culling.

When you choose to purchase a zebra skin from African Leather and Skins, we can assist you in obtaining the necessary permits and meeting all requirements for legal exporting. Additionally, we strictly adhere to the regulations established by the South African government concerning the culling of Burchell’s zebras, ensuring that our practices contribute to the preservation of these animals.

Animal hides in interior design

Animal hides add warmth, texture and a touch of the wild to interior spaces. Whether used as rugs, wall hangings, or upholstery, these hides can transform any room into a sanctuary of natural beauty. The versatility of cow, springbok, and zebra skins allows for creative expression, offering endless possibilities for unique and captivating interior design.

At African Leather and Skins, we take pride in offering a range of animal skin products that celebrate the rich diversity of African wildlife. Our commitment to ethical sourcing, sustainability and legal compliance ensures that each piece tells a story of natural beauty and resilience to add a touch of untamed African spirit to your home.

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